Whitetail Deer

Our hunts are all fair chase with no high fences. We are managing our deer herd for trophy deer, so we harvest mature bucks only and does as needed. You can expect to see 5 to 15 bucks a day. We hunt tower blinds, ground blinds, tripods, and tree stands overlooking prime areas, feeders and travel routes. We will not have over 4 hunters at a time, to keep pressure to minimum. We only do 10 hunts per year and expect 100% success. You can expect to have an opportunity at a buck from 130” to 170”or larger, and there are NO TROPHY FEES!


Rifle, Black powder, & Archery Hunts

Wake up early, eat a light breakfast and head for the blinds. We want to be in the blinds well before daylight. You can hunt all day and eat a packed lunch or we will pick you up around 11 am and eat lunch. After your evening hunt we will dine at a local diner.



5 Days Archery



5 Days Rifle or Black Powder



We are starting to get wild hogs on the property and  you can shoot all of them if you see any with any paid hunt.


Rio Grande Turkey

We offer some of the best spring turkey hunting in the Texas Panhandle. Our ranches are loaded a trophy gobblers, and our turkey roosts are  not hunted over. Only gobblers harvested at Huselby Creek. It’s not uncommon to see double bearded gobblers and even giant gobblers with his longbeard dragging on the ground.


We offer fully 2 types of hunts on our private ranches in Wheeler County. Spring turkey hunting is with shot gun or bow only.  Expect to see many birds a day, and have lots of opportunities to harvest your trophy Gobblers. Hunters can harvest two gobblers total on a 2 or 3 day hunt.


We also have some wild hogs on most of our ranches. What could be better then shooting a trophy Tom in the morning and a wild boar in the evening.




Rio Grande Wild Turkey

Our Turkey hunts are not guided. There are two kinds of hunts.


Hunt #1

Includes meals & lodging, transportation to and from hunting areas 3 days & nights, two toms. A minimum of two hunters. $1,000


Hunt #2

This hunt does not include meals & lodging. There are motels in Wheeler, 15 miles away, or there is a campground in Mobeetie , 5 miles away. It is for 2 days and includes 2 toms. $500


Bobwhite Quail

Our quail hunts are not guided. We will take you to the hunting areas and the rest is up to you. We only do 2 of these hunts a year. There is a 3 hunter & 2 day minimum. You can expect to get into several coveys a day. We do not hunt after 3 PM to allow birds to have time to covey back up before dark. This hunt does not include lodging & meals. There are motels in Wheeler, 15 miles away, or there is a camp ground in Mobeetie 5 miles away. The limit is 15 birds a day. We do these hunts after deer season is over, which is the 1st weekend of January through the end of February.


Quail Hunts - $175.00 per day



Don't forget to continue to enter the win-a-hunt contest on my website. We will be doing the drawing on April 1st. Once again the hunt will be the first weekend in November in the Panhandle of Texas with Huselby Creek Outfitters. What a great, great place! I love this hunt and area of the country. The Kansas Whitetail genetic has migrated into the deer herd and is making itself present. It's not uncommon to shoot a buck that will field dress over 200 pounds. All free range hunting with lots of opportunities.

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